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Training and Education

I am a dynamic bilingual researcher and data scientist with over a decade of experience in researching issues affecting the achievement gap, particularly in higher education. My training focuses on improving educational outcomes for under-served populations and students of color. Work in these areas includes leading analytical work and engaging key stakeholders to create meaningful change.  

 I received my Ph.D. in Educational Psychology with a minor in Statistics/Research Methods and a second doctorate minor in Special Education from the University of Northern Colorado. In my spare time, I am an avid runner and love being a new mother.   

Areas of Work

  • Academic achievement and the achievement gap
  • Use data/research to support decision making
  • Improving systems and streamline processes  
  • Support management and leadership processes
  • Scalability and sustainability plans
  • California Community College Initiatives such as:
    • Student Equity plan
    • Guided Pathways
    • Student Success and Support Program
    • Career and Technical Education
    • Strong Workforce Program

And more...


  • Statistical analysis (Qualitative and Quantitative)
  • Data collection
  • Student Equity Disproportionality calculations
  • Data visualizations
  • Program evaluation and management
  • Capacity building/training/facilitator
  • Equity program evaluations
  • Bilingual- English/Spanish

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